Automated Referrals Made Easy

Set It, Forget It, and Watch the Referrals Come In

ReferMe IQ™ helps insurance professionals like you generate more business from client referrals in your personal network! Their Automated Referral Intelligence goes far beyond your typical auto-responder—and best of all, it’s fast and easy to set up!

The discount includes a 10% discount off 3 and 6 month subscriptions and 15% off annual subscriptions.

    • Fully automate your entire referral process
    • Built-in incentives motivate your clients and personal network to refer you
    • Never forget to ‘ask’ for referrals again
    • Price point allows attractive ROI and revenue growth
    • Easy way to get consistent referral business

    The ReferMe IQ™ Method

    The ReferMe IQ™ system contacts your current relationships (client base and network) and requests referrals- for you: personally, authentically and in ways they prefer! It then sends an email from your relationships to their personal network recommending your business. Referrals then respond based on the credibility of the referrer, and takes a quiz that generates a "request for contact" in your inbox.

    Your Next Move

    Simultaneously, the system sends a “thank you” to both your clients and the generated referrals and offers rewards and incentives (if you choose) for referring you. All this happens behind the scenes with the automated referral intelligence making your personal network and your clients a sales force working for you 24/7!

    The Power of Your Personal Network

    Are you regularly asking your personal network to do business or connect you to others who will? This system automatically does that for you also. It does it by automatically drip mailing value added emails to your network with multiple potential calls to action that generate business for you.

    Easy Set Up

    It is a snap for you or any delegate you may assign to run the system for you. Takes less than 30 minutes in 3 easy steps. Everything is “set and forget” until you want to change.

    1. Set up your profile—customize everything to reflect your unique style
    2. Upload your contacts (clients, personal network, referrals)—with 1 click from any list or as you meet people
    3. Set up your email campaign(s)—we make it easy with proven templates

    The Results

    Your referrals will come by email, telephone and often in person–all because you started the discussions through ReferMe IQ™. Your dashboard captures all the action. Organizations will receive robust enterprise level reporting capabilities.

    The discount includes a 10% discount off 3 and 6 month subscriptions and 15% off annual subscriptions.