Long-Term Disability Insurance Program

NAPA's disability income insurance provides financial protection that allows individuals and business owners to focus on what's most important — recovery.

Program not available to residents in AK, MO, MT, NH, NM, NC, OR, UT, VT or WA.

  • Protect Your Ability to Earn Income

    Each individual has unique financial needs, and income represents a large piece of that equation. A NAPA disability income insurance policy can be customized to provide you the right coverage to replace a portion of the income you have come to rely on.

    Eligibility for NAPA Disability Income Insurance

    NAPA members under the age of 60 who are actively at work on a full-time basis for at least 30 hours per week.2

    LTD - Maximum benefit amount at enrollment

    Age Max Benefit Benefit Summary
    Under the age of 60 up to $8,000 per month Download

    Note: Total disability benefits may not exceed 60% of pre-disability income or $8,000. Pre-disability earnings include Basic earnings, S Corp Shareholders, Partnerships, W-2 Reportable Income, and Schedule C. Coverage terminates at age 70.

    BOE - Maximum benefit amount at enrollment

    Age Max Benefit Min Benefit Increments Benefit Summary
    Under the age of 60 $20,000 per month $500 per month $100 increments Download

    Important Benefits You Can Depend On

    Both of our Long Term Disability and Business Office Overhead Expense insurance options come with valuable benefits for you and/or your business.

    These benefits include:

    • Waiver of Premium
    • Lump Sum Survivor Benefit
    • Family Care Incentive
    • Moving Expense Incentive
    • Work Incentive
    • and more!

2 You must be actively at work for coverage to become effective. BOE coverage amounts over $6,000 are subject to evidence of insurability.