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LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

Special Offer: 30 days FREE** plus 10% off first year of LifeLock membership.

You could miss certain identity threats by just monitoring your credit. We see more†, like if your personal information is sold on the dark web. And if there’s a problem, we’ll work to fix it. Get 30 Days Free and 10% off your first year of LifeLock identity theft protection.* Sign up or call 1-800-LifeLock (543-3562) and use the promo code (must log in to view) *Terms apply.

  • Your LifeLock protection includes all this:

    • LifeLock Identity Alert® System: It’s the foundation for all LifeLock services. We send alerts through the patented LifeLock Identity Alert system by text, phone‡‡ or email.
    • LifeLock Privacy Monitor Tool: The LifeLock Privacy Monitor Tool helps reduce public exposure of your personal information. We scan public people-search websites to find your personal information and help you opt-out.
    • Lost Wallet Protection: A lost wallet can mean a lost identity. Call us if your wallet is lost or stolen and we’ll help cancel or replace credit cards, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and insurance cards.
    • Address Change Verification: Identity thieves try to divert mail to get important financial information. LifeLock lets you know of changes in address requests linked to your identity.
    • Dark Web Monitoring: Identity thieves can sell personal information on hard-to-find dark web sites and forums. LifeLock patrols the dark web and notifies you if we find your data.
    • Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers: Pre-approved credit card offers can provide important information to identity thieves. LifeLock will request your name be removed from many pre-approved credit card mailings.
    • 24/7 Live Member Support: We have live Identity Protection Agents available to answer your questions.
    • Identity Restoration Support: If your identity is compromised, a U.S.-based Identity Restoration Specialist will personally handle your case and help restore your identity.
    • Million Dollar Protection Package†††: If you’re a victim of identity theft, LifeLock helps protect you with our Million Dollar Protection Package. This includes reimbursement for stolen funds and coverage for personal expenses—each with limits of up to $25,000, up to $100,000 or up to $1 million based on your plan. We also provide coverage for lawyers and experts if needed, to help resolve your case.

*At the end of the 30-day trial period, your card will be billed automatically ($8.99mo/$98.90yr for LifeLock Standard™ service or $17.99mo/$197.90yr for LifeLock Advantage™ service or $26.99mo/$296.90yr for LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ service. All pricing excludes applicable sales taxes.) unless you cancel within the 30-day trial period. You can cancel anytime without penalty by calling 1-800-LifeLoc. Offer is for new LifeLock members only.

No one can prevent all identity theft.

LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

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