Renters Insurance

When you rent an apartment or a house, your landlord’s insurance likely covers your building, not your stuff. If something were to happen, would you be able to afford to replace your electronics, furniture, clothing or anything else in your apartment? For a low monthly cost, you can protect your personal property as well as your liability from covered losses and damages with Renter’s Insurance.

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    Finding the Right Coverage for You

    Renters Insurance has several key features that make it a great choice for renters. Insure everything you own from damages or loss, whether it’s in your house or outside, plus protect yourself against damages from someone else’s accidents if they happen inside your home.

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    Your renters insurance will offer:

    • Personal property protection – Covers the loss of damage of personal belongings on or off the premises.
    • Liability protection – Provides legal representation and protection against judgments for covered events.
    • Guest medical protection – Covers medical costs for visitors injured at a renter’s home.
    • Reimbursed living expenses – Covers costs of temporary housing.

    Looking for more personalized coverage? You can also take advantage of optional specialty packages that cover:

    • Luxury items
    • Musical instruments
    • Electronics
    • Recreational/sports equipment