Secure Email Solution

Complete Email Security Solution Starting at Just $5.95 a month

If you’re sending client information via unencrypted email, you could be putting yourself at risk for costly HIPAA compliance fines. That's why NAPA is pleased to offer you a complete email security solution at a price you can afford.

  • Enjoy great features including:

    • Audit Trail: Leverage your security as a sales tool! See exactly when, where and how many times your recipients are viewing your messages. Know exactly the right time to follow up with your prospects.
    • Recipient Experience: Recipients don't need to create an account or remember passwords to view messages.
    • Secure Inbound Messages: With Delivery Trust, your clients and prospects can trigger a secure email to you without ever having signed up for the service themselves. You can easily add this functionality to your website, so clients can send you PHI in a compliant, secure manner with just the click of a link.

    Don't become a data breach statistic and take control of your email today!

  • There are a variety of solutions available when it comes to email security, but how many of them also enable you to control what happens to your emails after they are sent? Delivery Trust goes beyond normal email encryption to allow you to control what happens to the email after it is sent.

    Product Features Include:

    • Recall messages any time.
    • Restrict unwanted printing and forwarding.
    • Allow recipients to respond securely without having to create a username and password.
    • Ensure only the recipient has access to attachments.
    • Receive complete audit trails.
    • AES 256 bit Message security
    • HIPAA and PCI DSS Compliant Technology Platform
    • Access secure emails from any device connected to the internet
    • Multiple options for recipient authentication
    • Restrict forwarding, printing, downloading of emails and/or attachments
    • Discrete read receipt notifications
    • Control the expiration of the email and/or how many times someone can view it

    Delivery Trust Secure eSign

    Delivery Trust Secure eSign technology combines security and convenience with robust and easy to use features.

    • Legally binding, secure eSignatures: Captures document and process-level evidence for legal and regulatory compliance.
    • Secure technology: Documents are encrypted end to end with the highest government recommended level of encryption.
    • eSign from multiple devices, anywhere: Desktop/Laptop, Mobile Devices and Tablets.
    • Manage signing order: Ability specify who needs to sign, and in what order. When a user has signed the document, the next user in line is then prompted to sign.
    • Administrative oversight: View what documents are pending and which ones have completed required signatures.
    • No user registration required: Recipients can view, sign and respond securely back to you without purchasing, registering or signing up for services.