Medical Care with NO Copays. NO Bills.

With the NAPA Telemedicine Program provided through HealthSapiens, you and your family can voice or video chat with a doctor or healthcare professional day or night—and there's no limit on how often you can call.
  • Doctors at your fingertips

    Enjoy access to doctors and therapists when you need them, from the comfort of your home, thanks to an extensive network of providers who can provide you with immediate help and sound medical advice.

    • 24/7 Access
    • Unlimited access to consult with licensed doctors by phone or video all day, every day
    • Members enjoy zero co-pays and no deductibles or per-visit fees.
    • Easy treatment plans

    Special Discounted Member Rates

    • Members save over 60% off the standard retail pricing

    Program Highlights

    • Affordable 24/7 access to doctors and therapists when you need them
    • Contact doctors by phone or video using any internet-connected device
    • Unlimited visits for members to speak with a doctor as many or as few times as needed
    • Available anytime, including weekends, holidays and even the middle of the night
    • No long term commitment. Sign up and cancel at anytime.

    How it Works


    Simply call the toll-free number to connect with the 24-hour hotline. A physician licensed in your state will be assigned based on the described symptoms.


    Support can be provided by phone or video chat. Schedule a future consultation using the convenient web-based Patient Portal.


    Doctors will recommend a treatment plan after all of your questions have been answered. If necessary, a prescription will be sent to a local pharmacy of your choice.