NAPA's Group Vision Insurance

Starting At Just $11.24 Per Month

Avesis' national network of vision care providers offers its members access to over 11,000 carefully selected, screened and credentialed providers at 8,000 locations. As a NAPA member, savings are possible because our network providers agree to provide vision care at negotiated fees. The network assures savings whether it is used as a Discount Plan (stand-alone product of negotiated or discounted fees) or in conjunction with a self-insured or fully insured product as an in-network Preferred Provider Organization.

  • NAPA Avesis Vision Plan Highlights

    • Sixty eight percent (68%) of the network consists of independent providers while the remaining thirty two percent (32%) are retail chain stores.
    • Lower out-of-pocket expenses when selecting an in-network provider
    • One of the largest networks of participating Optometrists and Ophthalmologists
    • Freedom to choose a different participating Optometrist or Ophthalmologist for each member of the family
    • Freedom to choose an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist in or out of the network when used with an insured vision benefit plan
    • Toll-free service hotline staffed with skilled professionals
  • NAPA Avesis Plan Details

      Plan Details

    • Effective Date: May 01
    • Group Number: 20790-1160
    • Benefit Frequency

    • Vision Exam: Every 12 Months
    • Spectacle Lenses: Every 12 Months
    • Frames: Every 24 Months
    • Contact Lenses: Every 12 Months
    • Co-Pays:

    • Vision Examination: $10.00
    • Materials: $10.00
    • Rates:

    • Member Only: $11.24 per month
    • Member + One: $19.66 per month
    • Member + Family: $29.23 per month
    • Out-Of-Network Reimbursement

    • Exam: Up to $35.00
    • Standard Single Vision: Up to $25.00
    • Standard Bifocal: Up to $40.00
    • Standard Trifocal: Up to $50.00
    • Standard Lenticular: Up to $80.00
    • Progressive: Up to $40.00
    • Specialty Lenses: Corresponding Standard Lense Reimbursement
    • Frame: Up to $45.00
    • Contact Lenses (Elective): Up to $130.00
    • Contact Lenses (Med. Necessary): Up to $250.00
    • LASIK Surgery: Up to $150.00
    • Avesis Contact Info

    • Group Name: NAPA
    • Group Number: 20790-1160
    • Plan Number: 924
    • CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-828-9341
    • AVESIS Website:

    Return completed Application Form to NAPA at: