What Members Are Saying About NAPA

Our services makes the difference... but don't just take our word for it!

"I have been with Aflac and NAPA for 15 years and have "0" (zero), nada complaints. Whenever I had to call Customer Service, they have been nothing but courteous & professional. As an Aflac DSC, I highly recommend participation to all my agents on my Team"

Dan D.

"Very helpful with my E&O insurance, a lot of other great benefits too."

Brandon C.

"working better and harder than any insurance before"

Robert C.

"I trust NAPA with my E&O needs."

Bethany C.

"It was very easy to get my E&O policy. I got all the paperwork right away. I would recommend NAPA to any professional looking to get their E&O. "

Mikkle M.

"NAPA is a great way to meet all of your required producers needs. I enjoy working with their staff each time I call them."

Ann B.

"Excellent service and simple process to get my E&O insurance. "

Dean S.

"Renewal is fast and fair price. It is nice to know they are always available to solve problems. "

Wen L.

"great service"

Marvin E.

"NAPA was the best choice for someone like myself just starting in this industry. They provide a clean and easy service that allowed me to get my E&O at a competitive rate without any hassle. I would recommend NAPA to any agent out there. "

Jordan W.

"NAPA is the way to go. They could not have been more easy to use and I got my cert. of insurance within minutes!"

Elijah A.

"As a newly licensed health agent i found it so easy to get coverage through NAPA. They made the process easy to understand and the pricing available was extremely reasonable. Would highly recommend NAPA "

Diane D.

"Process handled efficiently and quickly online with NAPA DIRECT. BE CAUTIOUS HERE...The standard renewal I had done for a few years through a FMO was showing DEDUCTIBLES/RETENTIONS for policies handled through them, and VERY HIGH deductibles for policies "

Ken M.

"I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth process of acquiring my E & O insurance and the array of benefits linked through NAPA. The connection with NAPA makes my Agent life much easier to manage. "

Katrina E.

"I've been getting my E & O from NAPA for years. Simple, easy and price competitive. "

Jeff A.

"NAPA has made the E&O process almost enjoyable if that is possible. The staff is accommodating and and very friendly. Keep up the good work, guys!"

James K.

"I have been with NAPA for several years and find it the simplest method of signing-up. Your product price is excellent."

Wayne S.

"Pleased with the website! No problems! "

Lori C.

"Their customer service is stupendous, and very helpful. I would recommend them to any business. Whenever I need their support they readily provide the assistance in whatever capacity is necessary to conduct business effectively and efficiently without the"

Margie &.

"Simple and easy!"

Peter O.

"I am an 3 year Aflac agent. NAPA has made the process of having E & O quick and affordable I would recommend it. It is a small down payment and then $17 per month for me. EASY."

Raymond K.

"A great organization and services provider to the insurance agent community across all areas of the country."

Charles R.

"Very easy and fast to apply and affordable"

Kim W.

"Quick, easy, understandable."

Gail W.

"I have had NAPA since shortly after becoming an agent last year. It was an extremely simple process initially and at annual renewal. I recommend NAPA to everyone I know."

Sara L.

"The process of obtaining E&O insurance was very easy and straight forward. I also love the discounts that are provided by NAPA."

Reneshi D.

"So far I am very pleased with the services that I am getting from NAPA. I just renewed my E&O with them again."

Jose A.

"Fantastic company to deal with. Everyone involved is professional, helpful and on top of every issue. Every time I call, I know that the event I am calling about will be handled immediately and done right. Christopher Mouledous"


"I trust this company to handle my E&O insurance needs as well provide access to other services "

Tammy H.

"NAPA is the place to go for E & O Insurance. Very easy to work with and affordable."

Mitzi D.

"Very good E&O company. Professional staff."

Liberty T.

"I have used NAPA since 2008, when I became an independent agent. What I LOVE about this company is the ease of their website. I am able to do what I need to do without searching forever (mostly because they send me a notification email with an effective l"

Arnette T.

"I have been dealing with NAPA for 2 years. I nothing but good things to say about them.. "

Joel D.

"I have worked with NAPA since 2008. Great company and great service."

Shawn J.

"Competitive pricing and very easy to do business with"

Kaa B.

"Place to go for e&o insurance. No problems very easy to use website"

Sue H.

"Excellent and great service since I have been with them for over 2 years. Always responsive and service friendly. "

Joseph G.

"I have been a loyal member of NAPA for 13 years. If I ever need a question answered, customer service is knowledgeable, courteous and prompt. "

Lore D.

"I have been with NAPA and no problems at all. It's so easy to download your Certificate. Very competitive premium, and lots of freebies like discount card, etc."

Adrian N.

"It was straight forward and easy -- I applied at the recommendation of a friend who was VERY pleased with his NAPA E&O. Plan comparing was easy; rate calculation was easy; application was easy!"

Joshua S.

"Great company. I couldn't be happier with their customer service. Had to make some changes on my licensing and they handled it very promptly and made it very easy on my end. No hoops to jump through or crazy documents to provide."

Ryan I.

"Very pleased with NAPA! "

Staci W.

"It was easy and fast to use. Very user friendly while also giving you alot of details that other carriers don't explain. Helped me pick the right product."

Anthony P.

"Great experience, quick and super easy. Lower premiums than the competition too so they're a no brainer!"

Gary B.

"Affordable coverage ,Thanks NAPA"

Tameka H.

"I been with NAPA for more than three years. I like the customer service, easy to use web page. I feel good about the organization because it is always looking out for agents. Thank you NAPA."

Janix B.

"Very simple and succinct. Going to maximize usage of my membership."

Prozier A.

"Great plans"

Joseph S.

"Was a great experience for me. They provided some of the best customer service. Thanks NAPA."

Jeremiah E.

"NAPA has always been extremely responsive any time I've needed help and I've used several of their discounts. "

Bethany A.

"Easiest process even with past personal problems. Great representative of the business."

Robert R.

"Best company for E&O Insurance. The website is easy to use and I love the fast, simple online applications and friendly customer service."

Jake S.

"They are great, much better service than others I have used. Much better price as well! I will never use another service!"

Trevor F.

"Very professional and easy to do."

Manny R.

"I have been able to maintain my E&O coverage very easily and for a low cost for 3 years now, and I am very happy with their service."

Sam S.

"I have been using NAPA 2008 and never had a problem, very user friendly."

Debbie K.

"Very easy to do business , Excellent services and Excellent representatives"

Khaled A.

"Excellent service."

Lee B.

"E. Castillo, Southern California Applying for E&O insurance was so easy and straightforward from the link emailed to me. Your rates are very reasonable as well. Thank you."

Elizabeth C.

"NAPA was responsive to my change of address and credit card, and made the renewal easy for me. Thank you!"

Karin K.

"This is my second year and service has been consistently outstanding... thank you"

Arlene S.

"They are great, much better service than others I have used. Much better price as well! I will never use another service!"

"I found that your staff was courteous, attentive and displayed much empathy as I must have asked well let's say too many questions. Very professional and I am pleased to be with you three years. I used to be with your organization when I owned my own all"

Martin G.

"NAPA CSR rep "Cory" put the SERVICE in Customer Service today, She ROCKED. I'll enjoy the added value of Continuing Education with my E&O. They've earned 5 stars from me"

Robin Q.

"One of the best customer service calls I've ever had. Keep up the great work iin helping us get what we need!"

Harriet G.

"NAPA has always been helpful with E&O products for my insurance business. Their rates are very reasonable for the coverage provided."

Mike T.

"While I was on the phone with the representative, updating my payment information, my cellphone dropped the call. I started to call back and received a call back from the representative, saving me a lot of time so I didn't need to go through the automate"

Jim D.

"Very helpful staff !"

Napoleon D.

"Knowledgeable and kind. She answered my questions and helped me resolve my issue quickly. She emailed me the information right away and updated everything quickly. A+ service in an industry where in my experience customer service and knowledge is cer"

Deborah B.

"This was an easy an painless process. All concerned where highly professional, and courteous. Would not hesitate to recommend to my colleagues."

Tony W.

"Excellent value and great customer service. Really like the disappearing deductible."

Jay C.

"Taylor in customer service was great and extremely helpful. She was very nice and patient"

Mitch Z.

"I have dealt with NAPA for years for my E & O coverage. They make it easy to deal with them. Recently I contacted them to cancel my coverage because I am covered by the group policy with the agency I just joined. I dealt with Kristina and she helped me"

Rick A.

"Great company. THANKS to JEFF for his great help and patience today! Jeff stayed with me on the line until we were both assured that the issue I called about was TAKEN CARE OF! GREAT PRICE for E&O...I am through shopping E&O. I have been with NAPA since "

Jim H.

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