NAPA Member Testimonials

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NAPA Member Testimonials

"Your CSR was very helpful to me on the phone and sent me the information I needed to use the website so I could renew my policy with you."

Patrick Harkin of Carolina Beach, NC
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Very smooth process!! The CSR was very helpful."

Mike Aaron of Sioux Falls, SD
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Been with NAPA for a few years. I love the ease of renewals and benefits."

Maria Cevedia of Chandler, AZ
NAPA Member Testimonials

"This is great coverage at a competitive premium I have already suggested NAPA to my other agents."

James Wilt Sr of Plano, TX
NAPA Member Testimonials

"NAPA's website and application for coverage is the utmost easiest I have ever used. Thank you for this wonderful service."

Vince Lee of Fresno, CA
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Your representative was fantastic and was very patient with our office and helped me complete all the necessary forms online that was needed to apply for this new coverage."

Larry Halpern of West Hills, CA
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Service is excellent. Spoke with 2 people on the phone. Both extremely knowledgeable and helpful. So nice to have a happy competent voice on the other end of the phone."

David Mentier of Peoria, AZ
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Very easy website, price comparable to other E&O insurance programs. Would recommend you to a friend."

Wayne Gerry of Cathedral City, CA
NAPA Member Testimonials

"I have been in the insurance industry for over thirty years and I would have to say that your knowledge of not only the coverage but of my situation in particular impressed me. You were very kind, patient, and helpful. NAPA is by far one of the best companies to do business with and i will stay with them because they are well thought of by agents and companies in the insurance field. I would highly recommend NAPA. Thank you for all your help. "

Herbert Grant of Inman, SC
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Excellent site, professional in appearance and functionality."

Ahmed Mohamed of Lighthouse Point, FL
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Thank you for answering my questions and making it easy to understand."

Luis Izquierdo of Miami, FL
NAPA Member Testimonials

"I am satified with the quality of service on the website."

Brenda Findley-Sutton of Loma Linda, CA
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Over the last few years since I have used NAPA, I have found the service and courtesy to be extremely satisfying."

Matt Ferrucci of Wakefield, RI
NAPA Member Testimonials

"I wish to advise that the rep greatly assisted in the issuance of the policy. She called me to verify information on the application,saw that the policy was quickly issued and advised me accordingly by Email. You should be proud to have an employee who is knowledgeable, professional and courteous in representing you in working with clients. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with you."

Donna Kortemeyer of Colorado Springs, CO
NAPA Member Testimonials

"I was with you for most of my insurance career and the only reason I am cancelling is that I am retiring."

George Bonito of Atlanta, GA
NAPA Member Testimonials

"I would like to say "thank you" to my customer service representative. I had to call and ask a question regarding which option to choose. She wasn't completely sure and suggested that I call the company just to make sure that I chose the correct option. Instead of just forgetting about me, she actually CALLED ME BACK! She said that she was asking a coworker and then proceeded to give me the correct option. This is awesome customer service and I would like to say thank you!"

Emily Phifer of Tishomingo, MS
NAPA Member Testimonials

"The person who responded to my inquiry was precise and quick. The information was for one of my associates. I advised her that if it does not allow her for any reason, she should contact that customer service representative."

Annie Cruz of Hagatna, GU
NAPA Member Testimonials

"I chatted online with someone and they were very helpful and made me feel special and like we were carrying on a conversation. Love that! Thanks so much!!"

Rebecca Durocher of Houma, LA
NAPA Member Testimonials

"I am very pleased with the use of this website and the assistance I obtained when I called. The site is very easy to maneuver and staff was very patient, helpful and prompt."

Jacqueline Ward of Cary, NC
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Thank you for making this process easy and not time-consuming. I appreciate all the added benefits that come with membership. It is very helpful to know that you care about the other details in our lives as well. Will be accessing these benefits soon. By the way, membership dues are more than reasonable compared to other associations. Again, thanks a bunch!"

Migdalia Freeman of Spring, TX
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Great service!"

William Mathews of Bryant, AR
NAPA Member Testimonials

"My phone agent was very friendly and helpful."

Michael Zellner of Los Angeles, CA
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Your website was one of the easiest to use I have ever encountered. The use of the page by page without advancing until those questions were answered and skipping unnecessary steps made the process fast and easy. The follow up e-mails, PDFs and voice call were timely and appreciated. All of us should have such great websites. I would definitely recommend you and this product and the service you provided."

John Head of Orlando, FL
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Very easy to use web site!"

Pat Murray of McKinney, TX
NAPA Member Testimonials

"A very easy experience."

Yvonne Finley-Walker of Lithonia, GA
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Thank you for making the process clear and simple and for providing monthly payment options."

Jimmie Codromac of Richmond, CA
NAPA Member Testimonials

"Clear and helpful!"

Curt Hutchison of Lakeland, FL

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