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Make It Rain Insurance Referrals

By AgentMethods

There’s one type of customer that all insurance clients wish they had more of. This customer comes to you ready to buy (you never have to chase them), is easier to close, and is more loyal.

These customers? The referral.

Referrals make your insurance business go ‘round. When you nail the referral process, you Will. Make. It. Rain.

Think about it: if you get just two referrals from each customer, your business will multiply exponentially month after month. (AgentMethods is a big help with getting you these referrals too)

So why do so many agents shy away from asking for the referral? Because it can feel uncomfortable (but only if you’re doing it wrong).

Today, I want to give you some practical tips for improving your referral game so you can make it rain. These are tips that I’ve found agents actually like using - and you will too, because these tasks won’t feel uncomfortable at all.


  • Create a lead swap group. Team up with real estate agents, car salesmen, lawyers, or other professionals who work with your ideal customers. Trade leads each week to keep referrals pouring in (here’s a video that shows you how to use your insurance website to get a lead swap group singing, even if your site has no traffic!)
  • Mail postcards for your customers. Leave a stack of blank cards with your contact info on your desk. Invite waiting clients to write a note to a friend or loved one, and offer to mail it for them as a courtesy. 
  • Create share-worthy social posts. When it comes to referrals, think social. A social share is like a golden stamp of approval for their entire network to see. The more content they share, the more referrals you’ll close.
  • Add a “forward this to a friend” message to the footer of your email newsletter. A gentle reminder might be all your recipients need to send your newsletter on to others that would find it interesting. 

Bonus tip: Send that social traffic back to your website where you can be sure to convert those prospects into customers.

Having a high-converting website will make it easy to collect more leads, and rapidly grow your reach. A good website acts as a never-tiring salesman (who you don’t have to pay a commission).

AgentMethods has dedicated the last eight years to building websites that convert prospects into clients specifically for insurance agents. We’ve seen just how powerful a website is in exploding your business when it really converts.

Not sure one of our websites would work for you? Try AgentMethods for free for 14 days. If you’re like the thousands of other insurance agents we serve, we know you’ll see the benefits, too.

Here’s to making it rain.

All the best,

Aaron, Dvora, and the AgentMethods Team


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